Support services for International students

  • helps the prospective students in requiring the necessary documents for legal equivalence of their non-Portuguese secondary education courses and admission exams.
  • Help with the application for, and the enrollment into, one of the Instituto Piaget courses;
  • Reception of new students at the corresponding Higher Education Schools and University Institutes;
  • Regular meetings with the Higher Education Course Coordinators;
  • Workshops on Information Technology and Library use;
  • helps the prospective students to find housing in the areas neighbouring the Campus


Instituto Piaget helps the prospective students to find housing in the areas neighbouring the Campuses of Almada, Santo André, Vila Nova de Gaia and Silves.

Student Residence

There is also a Student Residence in the University Campus of Viseu with 22 double rooms, 24 single rooms and 9 apartments with a full bathroom, equipped with all the necessary facilities, such as heating, furniture, study rooms, entertainment rooms, a book library, a media library, a laundry, a kitchen and a canteen.

Other support services *

  • Portuguese as a Foreign Language courses
  • Extracurricular French or English courses

(*) Attendance subject to prior enrollment and payment of the corresponding fees.


International students (Non-EU students).


  • Applicants who have not applied to the special access and admission competitions organised nationally by the Portuguese Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES);
  • Applicants who are exchange students, and are not enrolled in any Curricular Unit under the academic exchange agreements with that aim.
  • Non-European Union nationals residing legally* in Portugal for less than two years, uninterruptedly, on 31 August of the year in which they apply to a Curricular Unit;
  • Applicants who have two or more foreign nationalities, of which one corresponds to an EU State other than Portuguese. They can only apply to Portuguese higher education if they do not reside permanently in that other EU State.

(*)The time of the student residence permit does not account for the time of legal residence in Portugal.

Admission requirements

  • A Qualification giving access to Higher Education, meaning any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority in the country in which it was awarded; or
  • A Diploma of Portuguese secondary school or equivalent degree.

Exams, grades and admission requirements for undergraduate courses.

International non-EU applicants must have a qualification that, in the country where it has been obtained, fulfills the conditions necessary for their application and/or admission to the corresponding higher education. The qualification will be legally accepted in Portugal only if the intended Portuguese undergraduate higher education course belongs to the same field of study as the original international qualification.


If international non-EU applicants are not eligible for admission to the Portuguese higher education undergraduate course of their choice, they have to pass one or more Portuguese admission exams in the academic field they intend to study and according to the intended undergraduate higher education course requirements. It is, however, possible to sit for the admission exam/s in one of the Instituto Piaget schools in Portugal.

Knowledge of Portuguese

Enrolment in any of Undergraduate higher education courses is conditioned to independent proficiency in Portuguese.

Candidaturas Instituto Piaget

Applications can be made through by email:, or directly in Instituto Piaget Campus.

Documents to be submitted

  • Identification document (copy);
  • Secondary education certificate/diploma or a legally equivalent qualification, which states the name of the attended course/s and the final grade/s or classification/s*;
  • Document(declaration/certificate) proving that the academic qualification obtained in the country of origin provides access to higher education;*
  • Declaration under oath, that the applicant does not have Portuguese nationality and is not covered by any of the exceptions mentioned;
  • Other documents that may be requested for the application

(*) The Certificate/Diploma has to be authenticated by the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy in the country of the student’s origin, or bear the Hague Apostille for the countries that have signed the Hague Convention.

If the documents are issued in a language other than Portuguese, they have to be translated (official translation), and submitted together with the previously authenticated originals.

Official Notice

To apply please contact us at

Instituto Piaget -emolumentosThe the value of Tuition and fees, are set for each cycle of studies by the Piaget Institute Board in each academic year. The values are posted in the Financial Regulation.

Useful Information

Student Visas

International students who want to study in Portugal should apply for student visas in their own country, at the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy responsible for their area of residence, and submit the necessary documents. To this end, Instituto Piaget may issue a statement on the candidate’s application acceptance if it has been already proven that he/she fulfills the entry requirements of the intended higher education course.

Visa Getting

The visa application should be submitted by the student in your country, with the Portuguese consular post, with jurisdiction of their residence area. To this end, it shall collect all the necessary documentation required. Instituto Piaget, will be issued declaration of candidacy acceptance, where the applicants provide proof of entry requirements for the course they are applying.

On arrival in PortugalInfo úteis - Instituto Piaget

  • Students are welcomed and informed of formalities and procedures that will have to follow during your stay, namely:
  • Choose place for permanent residence (apartment or house);
  • Dealing with legal formalities – registration in the parish council, affiliation to a health center of the new area of ​​residence, bank account opening.
  • Mark interview Foreigners and Borders Service
  • Aplly to Residence Permit

The student visa, generally, is valid for 90 days. A month before this visa expires, it is the student’s responsibility to take care of your residence permit. Documents required: proof of residency (income receipt); proving how have livelihoods in Portugal (account movement of proof in Portugal); supporting statement that the student is enrolled and how has the payment of kickbacks regularized. If you do not comply with this procedure will be illegal and will be subject to a fine.


  • Currency: EUR (€). Students should bring money (€) pocket for the first expenses such as transportation, food, stay.
  • School calendar: Usually the 1st year beginning in: 1st Semester – September or October / 2nd Semester – March or April

For more information you can contact us to the email:

An academic experience of international dimension is a strategic decision for the future. Study outside the country of origin is an opportunity to discover new cultures and knowledge, as well as to grow up and develop better skills and capabilities.

Onde Estamos | Instituto Piaget

Thus we invite the international academic community to We invite the international academic community to know our training offer, the Portuguese cities hosting our schools and institutes, and infrastructure that support undergraduate, master’s and post-graduate courses in diverse areas, as Health Sciences and Technology, Sports and Physical Education, Social and Human Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Education and Training, Management, Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychomotor and Safety and Environment. Here you can find a set of useful information to start preparing from now this international adventure and make it an unforgettable experience, an investment in itself with an academic, personal, professional and cultural return that echoes in the future.

  • ZONA LISBOA University Campus of Almada
  • ZONA PORTO University Campus of V. N. Gaia
  • ZONA CENTRO · VISEU University Campus of Viseu
  • ALGARVE University Campus of Silves