O 2.º ciclo de estudos em Psicologia Clínica e da Saúde tem como objetivo principal providenciar um conjunto de instrumentos teóricos, práticos e metodológicos, que permita desenvolver competências profissionais ao nível da avaliação e diagnóstico, do acompanhamento e intervenção psicológica nos diferentes contextos clínicos.

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Almada (Lisbon)

Maria João Figueiras

Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology

1st Year

UC – 1st Semester CH  ECTS   UC – 2nd Semester CH  ECTS
Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis and Intervention I 30 T | 20 PL | 10 OT  6 Counseling and Psychotherapies  10 T | 40 TP |   10 OT  5
Psychological Consultation 10 T | 30 TP  | 10 OT  4 Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis and Intervention II  30 T | 20 PL |   10 OT  6
Neuropsychology 10 T | 30 TP | 10 OT  5 Psychological Intervention in Health Contexts  20 T | 30 TP |   10 OT  5
Health Psychology 10 T | 30 TP | 10 OT  4 Advanced Research Methods and Data Analysis  20TP | 30 PL  5
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 10 T | 30 TP | 10 OT  4 Psychology of Addictive Behavior  20 T | 30 TP |   10 OT  4
Public Health and Health Promotion 30 TP | 10   OT  3 Adult and Senior Psychopathology  10T | 30 TP |   10 OT  5
Thematic Seminars in Psychology 50 SE  4

2nd Year

UC – Annual CH  ECTS
Dissertation  30 SE | 30 OT  42
Internship  350 SE | 30 OT  18

UC – Curricular Unit | CH – Workload | ECTS – ECTS Credits | T – Theoretical | PL – Practical and Laboratory | TP – Theoretical/Practical | SE – Seminar/Internship | OT – Tutorial

Admission requirements

Successful applicants are required to hold a Licenciado degree or its legal equivalent, in Psychology.

Diploma requirements

A successfully concluded Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology requires the completion of a study program of 120 mandatory ECTS credits allocated as follows:

  • 60 ECTS credits to the specialization program;
  • 60 ECTS credits to the Internship and Dissertation curricular units.

Master’s degree holders in Clinical and Health Psychology have thus acquired the competences to:

  • Evaluate psychological processes and diagnose pathologies;
  • Apply theoretical concepts and mental disorders classifications to adults and children;
  • Apply, score and interpret psychological evaluation instruments;
  • Integrate evaluation results into reports;
  • Provide psychotherapeutic monitoring, counseling and rehabilitation for individuals with psychological problems;
  • Identify psychological processes associated to physical illnesses;
  • Monitor the adjustment to, and management of, chronic illnesses;
  • Work on multidisciplinary teams in a range of clinical contexts;
  • Promote health and make disease prevention;
  • Plan and program psychological intervention that is adjusted to a variety of health and disease contexts;
  • Understand the state of the art of psychological research, and its practical applications;
  • Plan, design, develop and implement research projects.

Accreditation / Evaluation


Career opportunities

Professional practice of psychology.


Professional title

Psychologist in Clinical and Health Psychology.

The qualifications require registration by the Ordem dos Psicólogos.

Higher Institute of Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Studies of Almada

Registered at the Directorate-General of Higher Education (DGES – Direção-Geral de Ensino Superior) with n. R/B 1534/2007, dated January 25, 2007. Ministerial Order n. 11034/2012, dated August 13, 2012.

2 years / 4 semesters • 120 ECTS credits


Further studies

Master’s degree gives access to doctoral studies in terms and under the conditions of the currently valid legislation.


Study area

Social Science – Psychology



The purpose of the student’s assessment is to evaluate his/her achievements in the acquisition and development of knowledge and competences defined in the Curricular Units syllabi.

Thus, assessment methods and instruments are adapted to the specific objectives, characteristics and contents of the corresponding Curricular Unit, and assessment is carried out in accordance with the currently valid Attendance and Assessment Regulations.

There are two main types of assessment: Continuous Assessment, which assesses the student’s work over an academic period (semester / quarter / year), e.g. his/her participation in the Curricular Unit activities, individual and/or group assignments, oral and written tests, etc., and Assessment by Exam, which assesses only the student’s performance at the exam he/she sits for.


  • Acesso à admissão na ordem dos Psicólogos;
  • Possibilidade de frequência em regime pós-laboral;
  • Clínica no campus: Centro de Psicologia e Intervenção Social;
  • Excelente localização: 1 min. da estação do Pragal e 10 min. de Lisboa.